Emergency!Newbie Seller-how to handle Zero feedback buyers?

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  1. *wave* Hi everyone! I'm new in this section of tPF and am also new as eBay Seller. I currently receive a Best Offer from a 0 FB Ebayer, but registered since 09/02/03. The pirce is above 3K and it's sold out HG of many bag lovers. What steps should I take to ensure it a smooth transaction? I would hate to loose out on a HG as well as the $, but on the other hand I know people have to start to build their FB somewhere, KWIM?

    I've listed '0 Feedback buyers please contact me prior bid' at the begining of my auction, but this buyer didn't bother to send me email (I just put it b/c many of seller do also lol), let's say if he/she DID send me email request to bid on my auction, what should i reply with?
  2. any one?
  3. That's strange that the buyer did NOT contact you before bidding when you clearly stated that zero feedback buyers contact you first before bidding. I find that fishy or disrespectful. The buyer did not follow the rules! How can you trust a potential transaction with this person, especially when there is so much money involved? :nogood:
  4. exactly my thoughts! But then I'd like to give him/her benefit of doubt since that buyer never complete any transaction.....alright, I admit it's also for my benefit too-the more buyer the better the chance of getting $ back. :shame:
  5. I'd email that bidder BEFORE making a decision about accepting or rejecting the offer -- say something like "I'm getting in touch to confirm that you've read through and agreed to abide by all my policies.....are serious about the offer, etc." If they respond and confirm that, I'd be more comfortable with it. If they don't respond then I'd let the offer expire.
  6. great advice foxy I was just going to say the same thing. we all had to start somewhere so if the buyer is communicating with you and seems serious then I would probably accept it.
  7. I would be very wary. There's a big scam going on whereby hackers find "old" eBay accounts that have not been used and hijack them.. they get the passwords somehow and then "pose" as these people. The people who originally created the eBay accounts have no idea.
    Once discovered, the scammers just move on to hijacking some other person.

    What I would do:
    Make sure any/all correspondence is through ebay. In fact, email them now with your payment/shipping rules.
    DO NOT accept any other payment other than paypal w/confirmed address.
    Ship with insurance and delivery confirmation mandatory.
    Take a large # excellent pictures (time/date stamped) of your bag and maybe use the tyvek locks that people use.
    DO not feel sorry for any story this person might tell you
    I'd be on high alert on this one :smile:
  8. Personally, I would not take the risk. I know we all had to start somewhere but when we opened our accounts how many of us took four and a half years to buy something?
    I also list the little "disclaimer" about folks with less than 10 feedback or whatever but realistically when I see something fishy I just cancel the bid no questions asked. In this case I think the length of the account being opened is more of a red flag than the zero feedback, especially since you're dealing with an item that is valued at over $3,000! One question, are you willing to lose that much money? That should answer it for you.
  9. i just completed a sale to a zero feedback buyer (even though my auction says i won't) but i had many communcations with her that were very pleasant and got a good feeling that she was trustworthy. with that said, if this is such a hot bag you shouldn't have a hard time finding another buyer, so why take the chance with so much money involved?
  10. If the auction is days from over, just wait to see if you receive any otehr offers, also don't accept the offer until this buyer communicates back with you and assure they are ready to pay.
  11. Also very fishy that a member from 2003 hasn't buy anything yet and then suddenly wants to buy a $3k bag.
  12. Just wanted to add, that I do what foxy recommended... contact the buyer, saying something like "Hi! I notice you are new to buying on Ebay. Thanks for your interest in my item! Please respond to this email within 24 hours through my Ebay Messages to confirm your initial bid. This is part of my policy for new and 0 feedback buyers. Thanks!"

    Then if you don't hear anything back, definitely cancel the bid within 24 hours. That way you've given a legit new buyer a chance, and protected yourself from a potential scammer. Good luck!