EMERGENCY: need desperate help with this 32 cm alligator Kelly

Mar 4, 2009
Palo Alto, CA
So, besides Perlrare who has authenticated this bag I just purchased on EBAY, I was wondering if you can tell me whether or not it's real. I just received it today but I am a bit concerned about its authenticity. I have NEVER felt any exotic Hermes, so I don't know how it's supposed to feel like. I will post a series of pictures. Feel free to request me for more picture because I have three days to make sure that this bag is real.

PLEASE help me out. I implore you.



Jun 24, 2007
Static, I think you'll have more luck if you post this in the authentication thread. I'm sure the experts there will help. (Sorry I don't know enough, but good luck!)


Make It Work
Nov 4, 2006
static - you need to post these in the Authenticate This thread. The also need to be much sharper if you are looking for a second opinion. Though Perlerare is v experienced in these matters.

Have a look at the very first post in the AT thread and take large, CLEAR pics that are required and repost. Good luck.
You need to post this back on the authenticate this thread
sweetie, please do not panic! Perlare has a huge amount of knowledge and there are a few things I can see that makes me think its ok but to be sure

please get some clearer photo's in daylight and go post those on the above thread, now take a breath and count to 10 and go do that.:smile: