Emergency!!! Lotus balerina denim in black??? or the one in blue denim??

  1. Pls help me girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should decide now on what shoes to pick? I love ballerina flats but I am so confused on what color to get!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls help me on this matter!!!!
    and what nice everyday bag should go w/ it???:hysteric:
  2. I would go for black denim! I think they are more elegant and if you wear jeans with the blue denim flats it may be to much, especially if the jeans and the flats are different shades...

    With the black denim flats i would suggest a black epi speedy or lockit? Something black epi...

    Let us know what you got!
  3. black denim yayyyyy
  4. Definitely black denim with anything blk Epi or Damier:tup:
  5. I agree - go with the black denim, and please post pictures when you get them.
  6. I got the one in black with heels I love them they are just oh so comfy
  7. Black denim

  8. yeah cudn't agree more I think I'll be getting the black one!!!!:yahoo:
  9. I like it in black, but it's really your choice in the end.
  10. Black denim. Those are the ones I want for myself too.
  11. Black Denim.