EMERGENCY! Just 2 hours left!!

I think that is two different speedys -- I think the one that seller is selling is the first two pics and is fake - I say stay away ... its a FAKE auction
Oh really you think that are 2 different bag? What I think it's weird is that the seller is signed in Switzerland and the item is placed in NY. Starting bid is ca. 180$
it looks fake..i hate to say it..the one picture, with the tab looks like plastic.

um...so howabout i thought this was for the blue epi in question...OH BOY lol:blink:
Now I'm with you withe the 2 different bags you can tell from the leather things were the 25 is under. Girls I can't say how much I thank you!!!!I just thought may be it's my lucky day but that was a to good to be true deal. Anyway next week I'll receive my paddy in dark grey. So there I consider myself as lucky.
Just have to say again: THANKS million times!for the fast reaction I don't know what I would do without you, ladies:love: :love: :love: (there wasn't any matching smilies but that came the closest.) and sorry for causing such an uproar:shame:
Obvious fake.

1. When these sellers purchase fake bags, they have them shipped in bulk. The supplier usually folds the bags so that 5 bags would fit in one box. Speedy's are folded at the bottom, and if you look closely at the bottom pic, you can still see the fold lines!

2. The texture on the bag is incorrect! Take a close look at an authentic speedy and you will see that the texture is rougher than the one in the pic.

3. Color is incorrect as well. The green on the bag is not the correct color. Once again, check an authentic one and you will see what I mean.

4. Price is a dead give away. You can't buy a louis vuitton at that price. If you're planning to purchase one from an auction, I suggest you buy it from an authorized MyPoupette seller.

I could look closer and give you more reasons, but there's no need to. This is a bad fake and a dead giveaway.

No I'm not an ebay person. I bought all my LVs at the store but I'm not familiar with the speedy cerise just with the pa because I got this. The price was just the starting price. I know that they are running for about 600-700 €. Thanks for checking.