emergency!! help!! crystal pearl necklace 2010

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  1. BODY { MARGIN: 8px } .LW-yrriRe { FONT: x-small arial } Hi ladies!! Been awhile I was off from the forum but I am active again since I m back to work.. hehe

    Anyway, I had been eyeing on the 2010 crystal pearl necklace (in attachment). My SA told me there are 3 sizes.. short, medium and 2 mediums together.

    I was wondering if anyone knows how long the short and the medium are? More importantly the short one.. and if anyone has a picture of it??

    My SA is getting her beauty sleep right now so I can't ask her. And it's an emergency because I have to buy it today in order to recieve it by Friday to my U.S. friend (I live in Canada) and he leaves Friday night to visit me.

    Any help GREATLY GREATLY appreciated!!!!

    Thank youuuuuuuuu ladies!!

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  2. Hi. I LOVE this necklace and was just looking at it. The short one is REALLY short and can only go around your neck once (It's $5xx). The medium you can wear looped twice (or once as a really long necklace). I think it's $8xx. Personally I like the medium and think it's the most practical. The longest one, while gorgeous, is the most dramatic (you can loop it 3 times) and most expensive ($15xx). Good luck!