Emergency help! Anyone order a birkin in FSH recently?

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  1. Hello, everyone, my friend is currently in paris and helping me order a birkin bag. However, she told me that they did not take the money and even did not give my friend a receipt. They only ask my friend to fill in the posting address and contact details. Is not normal? I am so worried that is the order being accepted in this way? Tell me your experiences...Actually, last time when i was in FSH, i saw someone ordering the bag and they paid for the bag. It is very strange this time.
  2. You do not pay for the bag on the spot. You only pay when the bag is ready and has arrived in the store.
  3. When I placed my order, I just told my boutique what I wanted, and gave them my contact info. Then you just wait for the call! No deposit of any sort necessary!
  4. so how long have you waited for the call or email? Do you get a receipt to confirm your order ? Thanks
  5. you don't get any confirmation for the order. You will be in their books and they will contact you when the bag is ready.

    What did you order?
  6. i ordered a birkin 35, gold hardware..
  7. I had the option of paying first or when the bag arrives and they will contact you through email when it is ready for collection.Hope this info helps.
  8. If PO at store, what kind of form to fill up? I was in Singapore store to PO, SA only gave a piece of blank paper and a PENCIL to write my details.... Did she really take my order or just entertain me?
  9. There should be a form that SA will fill up cos it happened in my case,I think it was late last year or early this year
  10. I Knew it! this SA was just entertaining me. How cruel? and I was like happily thinking I am getting a Birkin from H store!:graucho:
  11. i am still not sure did they really accept my order.......
  12. Not every store does it the way FSH does it. Mine took my order over the phone (I don't live near an H store), so who knows what it was written on. But my SA called me a earlier this year to confirm the order and tell me that it should come later this year or early next year. So, they do keep track.
  13. The Singapore store works differently from FSH.

    My SA doesn't even bother writing anything down at all.
  14. Maybe it was not an actual order but they will call you when one that matches your requirement comes in. I wrote my name and phone number down with a pencil at my store and got called for a few birkins, which I declined due to colour preference, and I finally bought the BJ birkin of my dreams from that store. They still keep an eye on stuffs on my wish list for me....So never give up!