Emergency Decision--Please HELP!

  1. Ok, I need some votes and input within the next three hours or so....

    Just found out that I can get a Mizi Vienna in the black/green combo.... I think it's a potential life-time purse. But it does cost $2710...

    Or I can keep the chalk MJ Elise that's being sent to me. That "only" costs $1050... A little paranoid about a white bag and/or that it might change colors. (Can't believe I'm considering a $3k purse)

    Which one would you guys go with?
  2. I would say go for the Mizi Vienna. It sounds like you REALLY want that one. Even though its a little more, I think you would be happier in the long run. Sounds like your a little undecided about the Elise color. GO FOR THE VIENNA!
  3. i agree totally with ranskimmie go for what you really really really really want!!! :amuse:
  4. I think I'm worried that my $1050 investment in the Elise will turn out "ruined" because it's chalk/white/cream... It's a beautiful bag, but I'm so paranoid especially since I've heard reports that patent leather in white can turn yellow. Whereas, I know that black/green can't turn colors, so although it's more money, it's a safer choice...
  5. If you really want the Mizi, go for it. It does sound like you're a little on the fence about the light color of the Elise. If you can see yourself carrying the Mizi for a long time and consider it a life-time bag, get it :nuts: And post pictures, please :amuse:
  6. Mizi, Mizi, MIZI
  7. Mizi, Mizi, Mizi! I looooooove the Vienna in black/green! :love:
  8. Mizi Vienna!!!!

  9. yes!!!! the MIZI!!!!!
  10. If you pass on the Mizi Vienna will you kick yourself? If the answer is yes, then you should get it.
  11. I vote Mizi too! GO GO GO GO GO !!!!!! Can't wait to see it on you!;)
  12. Mizi Vienna!!!
  13. Definitely Vienna Mizi!
  14. Mizi!
  15. Mizi Vienna :biggrin: