Emergency: Black Box on the floor


May 17, 2008

I just got a call about a black box Birkin 40 cm with PHW. I have it on hold til the end of the day. I already have a black Togo 40 with GHW.

Should I do it? This will mean no summer bag. I can only buy 3 more Birkis this year (I consolidated a lot to do this).

HELP!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't breathe when she said she has a black box birkin.


May 17, 2008
I heard that box is really hard to get and they are only making it by SO. I just gave up on it.

Ms Birkin

Jun 21, 2008
Near an orange box
Box is hard to come by (well it is in the UK) and this year it does appear to be by SO only for Birkins. However, I would still only get the bag if it is something you really want, rather than just because it is hard to get or SO only. H do so many lovely leathers and colours, I would use your money to buy bags that you really love.
Oct 12, 2006
Even though both your bags will be black, if you get this, I think you will find them very different. Box IMHO just "carries" differently than other leather. I have 35 in Chevre and in Box and on the Chevre (& Togo, too) the handles sort of stretch as you carry it. You can feel the flexibility. On the Box, the handles are rigid .. it just has a different feel to it.

The 40 in box may seem larger than in a softer leather because Box pretty much doesn't slouch... at least not for a long time.

But if you are looking for a large Birkin and 40 is a size you know works for you then I would get this!! I bet it is a stunner!!!


Jul 8, 2008
If this makes your heart sing get it and give up one of the other bags you are thinking about. Don't buy a bag because it is heard to find, but buy it because you love it.
If you don't want two black bags and you love the black box more you can always sell the Togo. Good luck in your decision making.


Mar 21, 2008
Sounds truly gorgeous! But since you already have a Black Birkin in 40, I would pass...
You would probably grab for a Black Birkin in 40 at certain occasions and in certain moods? No need to have 2.

Unless... you've always dreamed about black box in 40. Than go for it girl!!!!!


Light Years Away
Jan 4, 2006
Go take a look at it - you will know the instant you see it if it really is something you love :love: I agree with the others who said not to buy it just because it is box - only buy it if it makes you swoon :heart:

Quinn's Mom

Smell the Togo
Jan 29, 2007
The Other Half of NJ
As much as box is hard to get, it is not going away.

If there were more differences than just the type of leather I would say consider it...but since you only are aloowed a few more bags this year...i would wait...

Unless you know you could sell the black togo for sure....