Emerald Work

  1. Anyone love the emerald color that wants to persuade me to keep an emerald work? I'm so spoiled by the versatility of ink that I'm not loving this particular green.....
  2. I'm having mixed feelings about emerald also, but I've decided to take the advice I received here, which was to try living with it for a while and then to see how I feel.
  3. My Cornflower "broke in" so to speak, a lot. There was also a thread about the Rouille changing... I'm guessing the Emerald would do the same. Give it time!!
  4. I have a Cornflower hobo that I have yet to use but I do like the color a lot. Probably going to take it out tonight.

    I think I might like the fall Forest Green better so I'm leaning towards a return.
  5. personally, i'm in LOVE with my emerald purse :love: ...i've been proclaiming my :heart: for it all over this forum (lol!!!)...i think it's the prettiest color green i've ever seen & i get compliments on it daily...i sit it on top of my desk @ work & just stare at it all day...it makes me soooooooooooooooo happy :greengrin:
  6. jayge, i would keep the emerald work! i agree it's a very pretty green as aaallabama said :love:
  7. thanks for showing your love for the emerald BooYah :rolleyes:
  8. I'm for the emerald all the way, aaallabama girl! Just waiting to save up enough $$$$ to get one ;)
  9. oh goody, here's my happy emerald bag dance for you :yahoo:
  10. okay, i'll :yahoo:with you even though i'm still saving for it :lol:
  11. OK, you two are cracking me up!!
  12. You guys are so cute!!!! Jayge - I prefer the emerald over the sapin. Sapin reminds me of ink in the way that it's so dark. I like the vavavoom of the emerald and its true green. The emerald does need some breaking in. I was also not so keen on her when I first got her, but she definitely grew on me and now she's my favorite B-bag (even over the ink!). She's terrific in the work size too!
  13. I have an Emerald City which I am loving, so I will dance with you girls... the Emerald b-bag tango :yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. yippy, i don't think i knew you were an emerald lover too :heart:
  15. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Okay--I'm game--I'm in for the dance, although I'm still not totally convinced about Emerald.