Emerald vs. Evergreen for MAM

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  1. what's the difference between Emerald vs. Evergreen?
  2. Emerald is the old 2007 dark green color, smooth and slightly glossy, with the tassels and old hardware. Evergreen is the newer Resort 2008 season color, a darker green with a more glazed surface and gold studded pulls in place of tassels.
  3. Thank you! Now, which one looks better? I can't really tell.
  4. I like the Emerald better. the color on both is similar, however i don't like the studded hardware on the MAM. It looks better on the NIkki
  5. Thanks Desi...I guess I won't buy the Evergreen then.

    I can't find the Emerald anywhere...only Evergreen. :sad:
  6. ^^Rebecca is bringing back the Emerald in the prefall/fall collection in a few months.

    The evergreen is still a really nice color... there is one on ebay right now for $299, with 5 hrs left and NO BIDS ON IT. I think its definitely a great price. The hardware is my opinion, maybe you will like it? KWIM?
  7. ^^^Yeh, I was looking at the Evergreen at RC.com and I do prefer the other hardware style then these...oh wells...i will keep searching...
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