Emerald the Chef :P

  1. I was talking to my dad about pasta that they made on the Rachael Ray show today. I said, "And then they mashed up the tomatoes with a..." and he interrupted, "A potato masher!" I was like, "Did you watch the show?" He said, "No, that's just how they do it!" I said, "Who? Who does it like that?" He said, "Oh, you know, Emerald." I said, "Emerald?" And he goes, "Yeah, you know, Emerald! Oh, I mean Emeril!"

    Ha, I just thought this was very funny and wanted to share :biggrin::p
  2. lol, you know, when i read the title of this thread, i didn't even realize anything was wrong at first!

    as a sidenote, i've been to emeril's restaurant in atlanta, it wasn't that good...
  3. Lol.....
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. :roflmfao: LOL I watched Rachel Ray today too!!! I also love Emeril, or Emerald. lol. I am OBSESSED with watching the food network. My husband always laugh because I sit and watch it all day long, yet I never make any of it lol.
  6. ^^ LOL me too...I would be fascinated with the quickest-yummiest-easiet snacks and go OMG i have to make that........and I stop there lol
  7. That's funny.
  8. heheh that was too funny...i didn't realise anything was wrong with the title either