Emerald shape diamonds - G color ok?

  1. What do you think is the minimum color for an emerald shaped diamond to face up white? I'm looking emeralds in the 3 carat range and I hear that you have to be really careful with color in emeralds because they tend to show color more easily than other shapes. Do you think G color is ok or will it look yellowish? There is such a price difference between DEF color diamonds and G color. I really want the diamonds to look bright and crisp white, but G color is more in my price range. Please let me know what you think!
  2. Anything under H and your venturing into the tinted range. G should face up beautifully. A quick word of advice,my freind owns a 2ct em. cut and she does need to keep it super clean.the lesser amount of facets means they lose their sparkle a little quicker than one of their more faceted relatives,just from things such as hand cream etc. But apart from that my freinds stone is a real beauty,shes always getting really lovely comments and compliments about it!!! Go for it and post pics,I'm sure it wil be beautiful!!:yes:
  3. Please make sure to post a pic of your new ring
  4. Have you seen it? G is a really nice color actually. I was getting ready to psot this in another thread, but here's a 5.87 carat emerald in L color, yes, that's right, L!!

  5. Here's a 5 ct round briliiant K!!!
  6. My point? If you've seen it in person, do not get hung up on the color they graded it on paper. Trust your eyes.
    Obviously it's all about cut, a well cut stone can improve the color immensely, also flourescence helps.
  7. Those are some large diamonds! I've never seen any stone that large and in that color range look white. They're usually set in yellow gold to help mask the higher body color. Of course, beauty is always subjective so I'd never say they're ugly, but I'd go for a smaller stone that's colorless. In answer to the OP, I think G color is perfectly acceptable!
  8. forgot to add, that emerald is $148,500.00!
    I'd go for bigger if your eyes cannot see it, G is totally fine IMO. Who did the certification?
    I have always drooled over my jeweler's 3.5 carat she wears, I finally asked her a few days ago about it and it's an I color SI2, I about fell over. It LOOKS flawless. Completely white and eye clean.
    What's a piece of paper ;)
  9. IMO I wouldn't say G is a minimum colour..lol. If you like the ring IRL then that is all that matters!
  10. I agree! I would go based on looks as opposed to the certification! My GF has a J color ring and it's GORGEOUS! It actually has a slight warmth that's beautiful but still looks plenty white!
  11. My 3 ct emerald cut from Tiffanys is G color and looks great.
  12. HI I think G is a good color... you just trust your eyes and if you can put the ring next to another one with E or F color to compare, i don't think there will be a great difference...good luck
  13. if money is an issue, then G is more than enough for emerald shape in that large stone.
  14. G is great, I can't see color in a G in emerald or asscher cuts. I am pretty color-sensitive though, & I can see color in H step cuts, so I probably would not go below G unless you like a warmer look, which is nice too.
  15. Unfortunetly, I won't be able to see it before I buy it. I do feel better about G color after everyone's reponses.