Emerald Purse or new green day???

  1. Debating about the "purse" style and thinking about it in emerald. They say it's kind of veiny, but wondering how it looks IRL? Is the emerald color really dark? Or should I wait until spring and get the new green (although it looks kind of yellow in pictures)

    any thoughts?
  2. I would pick the Emerald purse! It's very pretty IRL!
  3. I saw an Emerald purse at my local NM. It was a beautiful, brilliant medium green like well, an emerald. :smile: Not veiny at all. The sapin green is darker. I just got that in the day and it's gorgeous - nice thick leather.
  4. I have an emerald courier and I adore it! So being biased I say Emerald.
  5. hm I also vote for the emerald. It is such a beautiful color, and it must look great in the purse style!
  6. I would choose the emerald. I really think it is beautiful and goes with so much more the the new green will. After a while of use and a little masaging the veininess will decrease. Let us know which you choose. Have fun!!
  7. also emerald here :smile: i think it looks prettier than the new green, also it'd look great as a purse.
  8. I will go against the crowd. I had an emerald city but the leather was not nice at all kind of that shining plastic ss look. The color is nice but if it has to be green I prefer apple or something more vibrant.
  9. I love the new sapin green, the ones I have seen are not very veiny the the colour is to die for.
  10. I really liked the new spring green that someone posted a photo of - it was in the Day style with the giant hardware. I hate the giant hardware, but the photo gives an idea of the color, and it's one of my fave Bal greens.
    If you want the purse, you should go with the emerald, but I'm not a fan of the purse style anyway, so my vote is with the SS07 green day.
  11. Emerald if you can find one with great leather !!!
  12. Ooh, I would love to see a picture of an Emerald Purse! I bet it's fantastic looking!
  13. emerald purse
  14. The emerald that I have seen in person are very veiny. But if you don't mind that, it's a great color!