Emerald Purse-ex condition-fellow PFer!

  1. awe, you're the sweetest, thanks sooooooooooo much reovi:tender:
  2. Ooooh! Good luck, aaa!!! It's gorgeous!:love:
  3. 'Bama, did you decide to let that one go instead of one of your Firsts?? Good luck!
  4. yeppers, i just couldn't part with my firsts & had to let one go :crybaby:

    p.s. thanks so much for all the good luck girls :flowers:
  5. oooh emerald, i just saw the work and city IRL... it's gorgeous!! and it's a purse, this style sure is more comfortable than the city... :yahoo:
    go get it girls!!!!
  6. It's beautiful!:heart: And the price is great too!!
    Good luck with your auction!:flowers:
  7. :wtf: Aaalabama , I thought you loved this emerauld !!!

    I wish you the best luck with your auction :nuts: :nuts:
    but I will miss my Emerauld sister :tender: !!!
  8. thanks so much for the compliments everyone :love:...i do love my little emerald purse, but i really need the $$$ right now :sad:...if she doesn't sell soon though, i might keep her for myself, especially since i'll be taking such a big loss...who knows, maybe her value will go up someday (?!):girlsigh:
  9. Wow. That is just the perfect shade of green! Wish I could snap it up but I'm sure it will go to someone wonderful. Good luck with your auction!
  10. awe, thanks Luxx-girl, honestly, the pictures don't do her justice :rolleyes:
  11. Hi aaal,
    Don't worry, she'll sell! It's a really fair price for a great bag. Sometimes I think people just need to think on it a bit.
    Good luck!
  12. ^^ 2nd that. She's a beauty and I'm sure someone will snap her up!
  13. I'm really loving the emerald 06.
  14. thanks so much gals, she didn't sell tonight so i'll have to relist her :crybaby: