Emerald or Ink?


Emerald or Ink work?

  1. Emerald

  2. Ink

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  1. If let you choose between emerald work and ink work, which one you choose?:cool:
  2. INK!!!!

    I would prefer emerald in something smaller, perhaps the first, box, purse, or twiggy.
  3. Ink Ink Ink!!! :yes::yes::yes:
  4. Def. Ink for a work
  5. INK!!!!!

    It's beautiful and totally changes colors depending on lighting. It would be so pretty in the work!!!

    Plus, if I understand correctly Ink is only out this season - buy one before it's gone!!

    Good luck and send pix!
  6. I agree!!! I love the emerald, but I think that between the Ink & Emerald for the Work size I would go with the Ink.
  7. i dont know why im answering this thread... i'm saying get both!!!! the colours are just amazing!!! woo hoo b-bags!!!
  8. i am biased...
  9. emerald, emerald, emerald :yes: ...i've got an emerald green purse (i just :heart: saying that!!!) & i'm in love with it ;)
  10. Ink, for sure!
  11. I'll buck the trenmd here - emerald! I don't know why, but I really love the Work in this colour. :love:
  12. i think emerald is one of the yummiest colors eveeeeeer :greengrin:
  13. *trend* I'm such a spaz.:shame:
  14. Chloe concord, my vote goes to the emerald work!....english girl, then that makes me a spaz too :amuse:
  15. ^^Sorry - I meant that I'm a spaz cos I mispelled 'trend' in the first post. I think the emerald rocks!