Emerald green stam,peanut patchwork,or Black mina?!(lots of pictures!)


Which one and why? TIA!

  1. Emerald green elastic stam

  2. Peanut patchwork stam

  3. Black mina

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  1. I just bought these (Well hubby did! :heart: ) with the intention of seeing them IRL (to choose and send others back)...but...having such a hard time picking one. I was very hesitant with the emerald green one but actually like it more IRL (as i was originally looking for a plum). Even the peanut patchwork is nice...(the leather is great)..and the mina is fun in its own way....now contemplating on keeping two...but temptation is drawing me to keep them all! :upsidedown:
    what do you guys think of the green color for the stam? What are your thoughts? thanks! The other colors will follow this...



  2. Here's the Peanut patchwork Stam...(i actually ended up liking this more IRL!)the leather is quite nice...




  3. wow, that stam looks big on you.
  4. And lastly the Emerald green...(not as "bright" as i thought it was...) but is it classy?




  5. hahaha, My hubby joked around that he could put me in the east/west stam when i tried that on a while back... :p
  6. Looks like you made out! Keep all three!!

    How do you like the Mina, btw? Does it feel comfortable on your shoulder? I say definitely keep the Peanut, and try to decide between the other two elastic bags.... If it was up to me, I think I'd keep the green stam.
  7. I find the green in the elastic quilted line unbelievably gorgeous. I like both Stams. The Mina is cute but I'm not much of a fan of chain straps. I vote for keeping the 2 Stams!
  8. Ditto. Definitely either one or both of the Stams. The green is LOVELY.
  9. I voted for the emerald green elastic stam - gorgeous bag!!
    I prefer the stam to the mina anyway & realler prefer icy or elastic quilted to the patchwork. Plus the green stam looks fantastic on you!
  10. My vote is for the emerald stam first, peanut patchwork second, mina third.
  11. I like the Peanut Patchwork bag the most, then the emerald elastic stam, then the Mina.
  12. First of all congrats on having such a nice hubby. My very favorite is the green stam. The color is absoloutely beautiful. The mina would be my least favorite just because of having to use the chain strap....
  13. For me it's a tie between the emerald green elastic Stam and the peanut patchwork Stam. Can you keep them both? ;)
  14. I absolutely love the Mina on you!
  15. Peanut Stam for sure before the green stam and lastly the Mina.