Emerald Green, Seagreen, or Pale Pink??

  1. Which color first should i get...
    Emerald Green, Seagreen, or Pale Pink?
  2. I vote for sea green.
  3. me too, seagreen is lovely.
  4. I'm going to vote seagreen too!:smile:
  5. Depends what style you want to get! I vote Emerald Green, then Seagreen :smile:
  6. i want to get a first.:yes:
  7. Pale Pink :yes: and i hope it won't turn yellow because it looks really cute in the First size.:smile:
  8. Sea green !
  9. Seagreen!!
  10. emerald green! :p
  11. Sea green.
  12. Emerald green, sea green, pale pink!
  13. for first - it'd be emerald green for that pop of colour
  14. emerald green
  15. I have to say seagreen. Gorgeous color. Good luck with your decision.