Emerald Green Purse From One Of Our Own!

  1. I'm watching that. I saw one at the BNY store and it's stunning.
  2. Ooh aaa, good luck on your sale! She's gorgeous!
  3. you gals are too sweet, i hope i don't regret it either :wondering...i really love her alot, i'm just trying to be practical...i've bought way too many bags & have to try & consolidate :noggin:...it's honestly the prettiest color green i've ever seen & the pictures don't do it justice...as long as she goes to someone who loves her i'll be okay (i hope!!!) :tender:
  4. The color is so gorgeous I'm sure it will sell soon
  5. good luck with the sale! i saw someone today with a emerald first and the color is sooo gorgeous in person! too bad i'm broke. =(
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