Emerald Green Croc Jimmy Choo Mahala

  1. Hi Fellow Jimmy :choochoo: LOVERS

    Hot from my WONDERFUL SA :yahoo: in Chicago, the Emerald Green Crocodile Mahala. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
    PLEASE someone from the pf please buy this beauty today!!!!! :drool:
    It is $8400.00

    Hi Robyn,

    Ask and you shall receive! Hot off the truck . . . attached please find photos of both the Mahala in Emerald Green crocodile and the Riki in Red crocodile. Both are absolutely stunning (and surprised though I am to admit it since I am a proud Mahala-carrying gal, I find myself particularly drawn to the Riki) and just arrived this morning! There is exactly one of each available within the entire company and with quantities so limited they are extremely popular. So while I certainly don’t mean to rush you or your Choo-loving friends in any way, please know that there are several other clients hungry for these gorgeous bags and time is of the essence!

    I am here until six this evening and the whole weekend and can’t wait to hear what you think!

    Mahala_detail[1].JPG Mahala_detail_2[1].JPG Mahala_emerald_crocodile[1].JPG Riki_red_crocodile[1].JPG Riki_red_crocodile_2[1].JPG
  2. OMG, I am dying here. I love the GREEN! :greengrin: Thanks so much for posting, Robyn.

  3. I wonder if all of us JC fans pooled our funds together, maybe we could buy the Green Mahala & the Red Riki and then take turns using the bags as table centerpieces.;)
  4. ^^^lol!
  5. they're gorgeous!
  6. Oh. My. NIRVANA (Weeping in ecstasy)
  7. :yes: We need to get a few more people on this subforum to make that happen.
  8. OMG!!!!!!!

  9. I am with you Robyn. I think I prefer the Riki, at first glance.They are both beautiful though.Thanks for the pics.
  10. That is so beautiful.
  11. Oh my - I so love JC but am sorry ladies, I think this is truly awful!
  12. The colors on both bags are TDF!
  13. Wooow, I would do anything to get that green beauty.
    Thanks for posting!
  14. Omg!!
  15. WOW! They are stunning!!!!
    Thanks for sharing. =)