Emerald First - reduced SP $695

  1. Isn't the top of the tag supposed to have black thread?
  2. Yes, and it kinda looks black to me...but again the pix aren't great so it's hard to tell.

    But if folks don't think it's authentic, mabe the moderators will remove this thread. Or maybe they can remove it for now, and I'll e-mail the seller for better photos and repost if appropriate. Mods?
  3. Well...I just sold my 06 Emerald Shrug - it was only worn 3 times and treated with the LMB Bbag kit...It didn't even sell for $599 on eBay! Very disappointed. I ended up selling for $540 privately. Seems like no one wants an Emerald Shrug at the moment!
  4. Do you think it's the color or the style? Some other shrugs seem to be moving slowly, too...and yet a lot of people have been talking about how much they like their new shrugs!