Emerald First arrived today

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  1. Congrats!
  2. RubyGirl ... take a look at my thread "CeeJay's Balenciaga Bags" to see the old-style leather (Indigo, Seafoam, etc.) versus the Rouge ... believe me, you will see the difference! Vive la difference!!
  3. Rubygirl - Congrats! The color is fabulous!
  4. Thanks CeeJay. The old leather is yummy. Your seafoam bag is to die for!:love:
  5. amazing bag....love the colour...and the leather seems to be sooooo soft:love:
  6. Congrats!!!! It's really beautiful!
  7. lovely!! :love: the color is so striking
  8. It is a very pretty shade of green!
  9. very nice bag i love the color!
  10. ruby, that's a beautifully-colored bag! but CeeJay's right-the old leather is even yummier in person.....