Emerald First arrived today

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  1. Wow! Beautiful bag!
  2. I love the color, it's beautiful, congrats.
  3. Love that green! :love:
  4. I don't think anyone knows for sure if the a "old leather" is going to be used again in the fall. A lot of people hope it happens, but so far, it's just a rumour, to the best of my knowledge.

    It's barely spring, and fall is a long way away, so wait if you can, but I know I won't be waiting until fall if I see a color I really love!
  5. Wow.. I don't think the color is that rich.. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  6. Beautiful bag, rubygirl. Do you mind if I ask where you found it?
  7. i love that green! it looks really great in the photos. congrats!!!!
  8. I love this color sooo much! Its soo nice! Great bag!
  9. Thanks again everyone. I carried it today and got tons of compliments.

    angstofgumby, I got it at the B-boutique in NY. When they called me on tuesday to tell me the bags had arrived, the SA told me 5 had came in. Maybe they will still have them if you call them soon. Good luck.

    snowwhite, thanks for the info. you're right, if I see a color I really like before fall, I'll prolly get it too.:amuse:
  10. Really beautiful, congratulations.
  11. :-O love it!!! i totally love the colour! i can't wait to get my hands on a FIRST!
  12. The color is beautiful! Congratulations!

    How much smaller is a First than a City? Just wondering for future reference.......
  13. Beautiful color! Congratulations- I hope you love it!
  14. WOW! So0o0o0o unbelievably beautiful....I think Emerald is my fave for sure!:love:
  15. Absolutely stunning!! I am counting the days till my Cornflower arrives.