Emerald First...A Beauty At A Decent BIN

  1. it's gorgeous! Goodluck to the lucky bidders.
  2. WOW!!! STUNNING! Love this color!!!!
  3. WOW :nuts: that's a beautiful bag. I better not look at it again or might buy it... Someone please hit buy it now and put me out of my misery already :lol:
  4. i was going to post about this bag, but somebody beat me to it! =D THIS IS A GORGEOUS BAG and a fellow PFer too! SOMEBODY GET IT! it's a great great amazing price.
  5. ^^ Um, actually with seller fees, buyer fees, shipping fees, and paypal fees, it comes out about even.
  6. So you must be the seller...

    Changed your mind about this purchase already? What's your reserve price then?
  7. Please PM me if you have questions. Thanks.
  8. :Push: 0ops mistake :shame:
  9. I just wanted to say that I never intended to "flip" this bag for profit; I truly wanted it but immediately regretted my decision because a.) I'm a fickle Bbag owner and b.) I already own a similar MJ bag which is why I felt soooo guilty on buying another expensive green bag c.) once I got the bag (I can't check out colors anywhere around here IRL before I buy) I knew I would not get my use out of it. I discussed my impulse buy with another PFer in the meantime, who agreed I should just sell it if I wasn't happy with it.

    I still have about a month before I'm eligible for the marketplace here so Ebay was my only choice. Buying and selling this bag takes out appx. $125 in fees; I paid almost $25 shipping. The other appx $50-- if BIN was used-- was going to a breast cancer research charity I tithe to every month.

    It's neither here nor there now, but I just don't want to be known as someone who tries to take advantage of people which is what was insinuated above. I've never accused anyone of swiping a bag from me nor pointed out when major profits (lots more than $50) are gained from sales. I tried to make sure this auction didn't fall into either of those categories but since I got accused of doing that, I wanted to state my side. So sorry if I offended anyone.

    ETA: edited for spelling/grammar mistakes... it's the middle of the night but the teacher in me won't let those slide!
  10. I think I know what's really going on. The DH, was outbid by you. He would have won this bag (probably a present for me) for such a good price if there would have been a second-chance offer made to him, but instead he saw a bigger price tag on the same bag the next week. That's him:
    catchall71[​IMG]( 1 ) [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] US $569.00

    I've had the same...opps, I should not have bought that and I've also taken great profits (~$200) immediately after getting a crazy-amazing deal because I would sell it below retail, just as TTucker was doing. Her auction was still a good deal rather than a once in a life-time half price win. And all those fees suck.

    Hon, I think you should have emailed to seller and stated the facts.
  11. Thanks so much RockSteady... this has really bothered me! I am SO sorry, I would have never bid on it if I'd known a PFer (or a PFers DH) was interested. I did still try to keep the price low for someone-- I think it probably would could have sold for a bit more than the BIN. You have a very generous DH that is looking out for you :flowers: I would keel over if mine *ever* got me a Bbag or even a Bbag boobie! :P
  12. TTucker, why wouldn't you have bid? PFers bid against each other all the time, unless it's one of those rare-bag situations where people hold off to let one person win their dream bag (and y'all, I'm still grateful! [​IMG]). But I think we can all relate to your situation - the thrill of the moment, you make a great purchase, you get it, and instantly know it's not right - there's no minimum time you have to hold onto something to know it's not going to work for you. When I've done that, I consider it to be my fault, so I don't expect the original seller to take on the hassle of a return and second chance offer - I try to resell the item myself. And if you can still offer it at a great price without having to take a loss, then all the better. So I'm sorry that DH missed out on a deal, but that's the nature of eBay, and I don't see that you need to feel bothered or sorry about anything.

    As was said at the beginning of the thread - this bag's a beauty at a great great amazing price.:yes:
  13. ^ Perfectly said, as we like to say "all is fair in love and war!"