Emerald City VS. Rouge Vif City?? (for me)

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Which color should I get?

  1. emerald

  2. rouge vif

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Which one would you choose (for me)? I realized all my bags were black or brown and I feel like a need something new for fall.

    These are both fall colors:






    photo credit: ebay
  2. omgggggggg, they are BOTH BEAUTIFUL colors! :love: i had a hard time picking but i think i like the rouge just a little bit more.
  3. Note about me: I'm Eurasian - so I guess traditionally a jade green does go well with my coloring.....

    but I think rouge would look nice too....
  4. i think i would go for the rouge only because i am not a huge fan of the s/s '06 leather. also, if you don't already have a red bag, then you should and why not a bbag?
  5. my vote's for the emerald, one of my favorite b-bag colors ever :tender:
  6. if your all bags are black and brown, then definitely the rouge vif~~
  7. ^^I'm confused? The red bag is the fall 2006 Rouge Vif bag. (sorry if not an accurate photo - I couldn't find the perfect one.) so if it's a 2005 red i'm showing here it's only because I scoured the internet for a rouge vif photo to no avail...
  8. the rouge is f/w though and many of the f/w bags look quite nice, especially the rouges.
  9. Gee.. another toughie. Though the emerald is a beautiful jewel tone green, I would have to choose the Rouge VIF. I am biased of course, but the Rouge VIF is TDF. A red bag will be a nice burst of color among your black and brown bags. So I think it will come down to 'do you like greens or reds better?. You can't miss going with either one (can you get both?? heehee) :smile: Please let us know what you decide to do!
  10. I vote for the Rouge Vif City!:heart: I'm also biased because I'm on the waitlist for one, too. lol! But, the rouge vif looks sooo gorgeous in all the pics in every style I've seen so far.
  11. Waaa.. beaux! This is so hard! Red is my favourite colour so I will be biased when I say I prefer the rouge vif.. but just. I really love greens too and I think the Emerald is very pretty! I, myself, was just contemplating yesterday if I should look into an Emerald First or City. But decided to hold firm for something in rouge vif. I'm no help at all, I know. Good luck in your decision!
  12. Rouge hands down:yes:
  13. Rouge vif baby!!
  14. I voted rouge because I think the color is fab (I still want a new rouge vif city!), but then I read about your coloring and it's hard to say--if you know you look good in greens you might use the green more, but then again, the rouge would look great too I'm sure--this is so difficult!! Both are gorgeous though!
  15. Definately the Rouge vif!! I don't really like the emerald colour and the leather in all the emerald cities I've seen was awful:sad: