Emerald City, Pink Office, Olive City

  1. LVLady99... :yes: That olive City looks lovely...:heart:
  2. I should have said I bought an LV Speedy from her before. I just got my first Balenciaga today. Yay!

    You didn't think I was LvLady, did you? I live in Texas and I think she's in Singapore, so . . . uh, no.
  3. Just way too many neg feedbacks for me and the fact that shes in Hong Kong, is a huge no for me....I do like the Pink one shes got though....but, um, no.
  4. RONDAFAYE: I understood what you were saying...I was just agreeing that LVLady99 is a good seller. And she's in Hong Kong.
  5. that pink color is gorgeous!
  6. I think the emerald looks great! It's not veiny!
  7. :yes: agree
  8. The leather on the Olive Green looks great! And again, I can't say enough good things about the seller; she was an absolute dream to work with and I haven't personally heard anyone who has had otherwise. I don't understand the negatives...but I totally understand the hesitation there.
  9. ladies I would def recommend this seller..I bought quite a few bbags from this seller on and off eBay w/o problems!:graucho: :heart:

    i love the pink work..yummy!:drool: :heart:
  10. I've just bought a pewter first from her, and am waiting for it to be delivered. Will report back when I've got it !
  11. I bought a Bbag from this seller too and everything was perfect! She shipped really fast and the bag was packaged really well. I don't think she deserves to be referred to negatively IMO when she has had rave reviews from PFer's.
  12. I agree...but if folks don't want to listen, that means more B-bags for us! :yahoo: Especially since LVLady99 always has really good bags from past seasons with the smooshiest leather. :yes:
  13. ^^^I better start saving!:roflmfao:
  14. Hmmm, maybe shes a seller to watch then...I just am very leary with so many negs (and some are about fakes), and I typically dont buy anything from asian sellers due to the ridiculous amount of spamming I receive trying to sell their fake bags to me...(flame away I dont care) since thats where most fakes come from it seems, I would rather be safe than sorry....I do really like the Pink she has though....
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