Emerald Blake..

  1. Soo annoyed! I had the Emerald Blake in my Shopping Bag yesterday on Net-A-Porter & today it is sold out. :sad: That's what I get for procrastinating! So pissed, it was a great price.

    So anyone seen the Emerald Blake on Sale anywhere? It was $494 on Net-A-Porter.
  2. Have not seen it, but will keep my eyes open! Have you tried calling their customer service line? Sometimes they can see if there are any others in the system, or notify you if one becomes available.

    Also, check eluxury- they pop up every once in a while. Good luck!
  3. Yep customer service was not very helpful - she just said that if it was a sale item & the site says it's gone, they will not be getting anymore in. :sad:

    Thanks - I will check elux :smile:
  4. Nordstrom had the emerald in their fall colors. I don't think it's on sale, but you could still get one. That is a great price!
  5. you can try to see if Nordies will price match you the bag from NAP, they just did that for me on a zip clutch! good luck!
  6. Wow, good idea! I will definitely try that.

    By the way - I'm from LI too...where are you located?
  7. Unfortunately, they won't price match because they don't have the Blake w/the silver hardware anymore. Just the gold :sad:
  8. Bummer! I wish you luck in finding it...I have done the same procrastinating and regret it later.
  9. thanks & if I don't find one on sale there's always my good friend Ebay :smile: :smile:
  10. I have just seen a Blake in emerald, but in gold :heart: It's so pretty...

    Does anyone know from what season this color is from? Is the emerald Blake with gold hardware from a later season? I'm really loving that color and I'm thinking that's the color I would go for for the Blake, after much research :wlae:
  11. I just saw the emerald blake in silver hardware :smile: it was a pretty green. However, it looks closer to kelly green than the dark forest emerald blake in gold hardware that I saw earlier :confused1: are they from different seasons? Do the colors have different official names?
  12. ^ Emerald (official color name) was made for SOFT CALF CLASSIC line twice. Resort 2004's Emerald has silver hardware and light green suede lining. Fall 2006's Emerald has gold hardware and navy blue suede lining.
  13. I'm sorry you missed your bag! I'll keep my eyes open for you, it'll turn up!
  14. Thank you bag.lover! You're such an encyclopedia of Marc Jacobs knowledge :smile: Does anyone know where I can get the Fall 2006's emerald blake with gold hardware? I have just fallen in love with it and have now decided that this is the color that I will get :heart: The dark green leather with navy suede lining is just divine...:P
  15. I had the same thing happen to me this morning. I added a bag to my cart and then it was sold out....


    I'm so upset now coss i had fully intended to add it to my collection. BOoo HOooo:crybaby: