Emerald Balenciaga

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  1. Is this the new Emerald color? It's a really bright, pretty green...

  2. I love that! I hope it's the new color :love:
  3. Wow, that is pretty!!! Now why you gotta go and post this? As if there's not enuf things on my wish list, lol!
  4. :nuts: Me wanty!!!:love: :lol:
  5. That color is wonderful!
  6. Wow, I usually do not like balenciaga at all..but I LOVE that color..it is TO DIE FOR
  7. I just ordered the Emerald First 2 weeks ago. The SA tried to describe the color and I thought it would look darker than this. Can't wait to get it!

    BTW Cristina, I love your Apple Green First. It's just beautiful!
  8. Hmm...each pic is different; here is the picture from Brown's London, where you can buy this color now.
  9. Thank you! :love: I'm carrying it today. The color is fun :nuts:
  10. wow! i hope thats the emerald colour! so putting that on my want list! :smile:
  11. It seems lighter than 'emerald', but it's always so hard to know what designers are thinking, when they assign colour names.
  12. this bag is fake, i am pretty sure because it has silver hardware and i think the Metallic ones come with silver hardware and the regular ones come with copper. :sad: It is a beautiful color
  13. That's a nice color but I'm not sure that is the emerald. FYI - I saw a grey Balenciaga in the Saks store in Greenwich, CT today. It was a grrrrreat color! If it was a City or Twiggy I might have gotten it!!!
  14. I've been waitng for a green like this to come out, but I'm so torn now... I really like the color, but knowing that Balenciaga is switching back to their classic leather next Fall makes me want to wait for that. But they also only release colors once, right? Hmm, what would you guys do?