Emerald bag: Aaneta or Tano?

  1. Hi guys:love: So I am looking for an emerald green handbag! I love Rebecca Minkoff, but just bought a Morning After in Royal (finally found my blue):heart: I also love Balenciaga, but have one I adore and want to keep diverse (and not break the bank again :smile:
    I am thinking of an Aaenta in Esmerelda. Does anyone know if this color is an emerald or is it deeper green? I am also considering one of the new Tanos in emerald, but don't really want to wait until March :smile:
    Any suggestions? Thanks!!!
  2. I got this beauty from KALE. It's the Tate handbag and I love it! Great quality and well made. It is very true to color! I got it when Kale had a 40% off sale at their website-before Christmas they even had a 50% day. They are a new, small handbag company and I dealt with their SA named Melinda. She was great! They are out of southern, CA. :p
  3. I can't comment on the emerald Aaneta color, but I got one in carmello for Christmas and it's a fantastic bag. So gorgeous and well-made. And I did notice that the color of the bag IRL was very consistant with what I saw on various websites. I've been eyeing the emerald color myself. It looks lovely.
  4. Thanks for the responses! JNH14, I love that Kale bag and was actually looking at the Palmer in that color...but was worried that it was more of a grass green than a jewel tone- but I hear good things about the quality of Kale!
    Bagdemon, I am glad to hear you are happy with your Aaneta...sways my decision- thank you!!!
  5. The color is true to the pictures! Hope that you find your green bag!:yes:
  7. I just went on the Kale website. JNH14, how do you purchase from there? When I select a bag, there's no option to add to cart nor is there a price. Did you order from here?
  8. when enter Kale website, you need to go to 'Buy', not to 'Collection'.

    Here is Cole Haan Sierra

  9. Also, when you click on Buy, there are two sizes of this Tate bag-I did not get the grande-I got the smaller size which is pictured-and it is still good sized. You can also email Amanda at Amanda@kalehandbags.com. She could tell you if they have any specials or will have a discount on them anytime soon. As I remember-I got mine for $309-40% off. Good luck!:drool:
  10. Just wanted to let you know I ended up ordering the Aaneta Ceres, and got a great deal from Basic Boutique. I'm excited to receive it thanks to pics from Bagachondriac :smile:! I'll post & let you guys know if it's close to emerald:smile: Appreciate the help!