Embryolisse !

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  1. Recently I picked up embryolisse cream concentrate. I most ordered it from the rave reviews on pixiwoo.

    I have dry skin patches that I couldn't seem to smooth with any moisturizer primer combo. Cream liquids and powder foundations were all flakey and unflattering. After using this cream my skin is smoothed and it looks great even with a primer. I ordered mine from Amazon but you can also purchase from camera ready cosmetics. It's a reasonable price and really is worth a shot. Several make up artist on YouTube swear by it.
  2. Do remember using this product from when I went to Paris..

    Thanks for the flashback!!
  3. I really, really love this cream! I can't say it enough! This does not cause my acne skin any problems. It is a perfect base before I put on my sun protection and make-up. If I use the tube as moisturizer only, I find it can last 3 months, but I also use it as a makeup remover before I wash my face. I could use this cream all over my body.

    There is a scent, but I can't smell it. When you apply it on, it glides on well and doesn't sit on your skin.
  4. The Embryolisse cream concentrate is really good for dry skin. It can be use for moisturizing, primer, and makeup remover. I liked it a lot and will continue to use it.
  5. One of my patients took a trip to Paris and brought this back for me. It was in the fall so when I used it initially it slightly broke me out. Not bad but I put it away because I knew how dry my skin is in the winter. As soon as the deep cold hit I returned to this product and it has been my savior! I recently saw it on Groupon.com but didn't purchase it because the tube I have is quite full - a little goes a long way.
  6. You can also get the Embryolisse on Beautyhabit. That's where I got mines online.