Embroidered Floral Audrey!!!

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  1. Hi, I am new here. I have been lurking around today and I found the embroidered flora Audrey's. Does anyone know when they will be out and also what color is the lining of the bag?
  2. they are being released at the end of this month. it comes in a peach color, eggshell, violet, and anthracite. as for the lining, we'l just have to wait and see...
  3. OMG! I don't know how I missed this. But can I still get one? A violet one?
  4. the violet is sold out right now. we dont know if jax will replentish them. they were supossed to be limited edition for their shanghai flagship store opening. they may not make more for the US, we'll just have to wait and see. the only colors available right now are eggshell and antique rose, and you have to backorder it from jax.
  5. personally i like the eggshell the best, antique rose follows close second..
  6. i think i agree i havent seen the eggshell irl yet, but i really like the shade and how its the perfect off white. i got the antique rose maggie and i love it. i think the two colors are tied in my opinion. I just cant do white bags though being an art major :tdown:
  7. IMO I like the Eggshell a little better..I have both bags..Eggshell Audrey and Antique Rose Maggie...and I am loving the Eggshell color
  8. ITA. Although all of the colors are really lovely, I think the eggshell is the most striking. The bronze (taupe) is a perfect year round color. :smile: