Embroidered Audrey in Bronze:

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Should I keep this bag or return it to Coach

  1. Keep this bag

  2. Return this bag to Coach

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  1. Here is the much anticipated, and in my opinion, very underwhelming Embroidered Audrey in Bronze:

    It is a limited edition which makes me want to keep it even though I don't really like the color too much. Maybe it will grow on me - I dunno - Tell me what you think of the color. Would you keep it?

  2. I guess for bronze I would have wanted more richness to the color...

    I can see the metallic in the leather...but it almost looks more silver than bronze...maybe it's the lighting. I dunno.

    I'm not "in love"...but it's not my bag to love. If you like it keep it, if you don't let it go.
  3. On my screen it looks almost gray? It's still pretty, I was just hoping it would be actually PEACH. I would keep it because it's LE, but I'm crazy like that!
  4. I think it's pretty. Can we get some more pics?
  5. Keep!
  6. ^^Ditto what Tup says.

    I actually ordered both the bronze Audrey and Maggie, and the Maggie comes tomorrow...probably Thurs for the Audrey. Not sure what I think...hard to tell with just one pic on the screen. I could use some neutrals since I mostly buy colors, so I won't rule it out. I think I will keep the Maggie if it turns out to be LE and return the Audrey. Honestly, I was not overwhelmed by the violet color either. I was a bit disappointed with that one because mine turned out to be a bit lighter than what I was seeing on my monitors from Crystal's bag. It's nice, and I like it better than this, but it's not love enough for me to buy that color in both the Maggie and Audrey either!

    Now the python...that's coming tomorrow, and I already know I can't WAIT to get that!! :graucho: That may knock me out of both of these bags, though, just because of too many neutrals in a row...IDK!!
  7. i think its cute..full price cute hmmm maybe pce cute ....
  8. It is a camel color. It is a little darker camel shade than my Patent Camel Sabrina. The leather is pearlized and really very nice. The embroidery is off white in some areas and darker (almost the same shade as the leather) in others. I am starting to think that this is a very classic color.. I guess I am now over the shock of it NOT being peach/apricot.
  9. Please please post pics of the Python. I bet that will be gorgeous.
  10. Yes. I will take more now. It's snowing here, (what else is new) so they will be indoor shots. I'll be back.
  11. Hmmm... sounds like it could be an inbetween for those who wanted the eggshell. I was debating which one to get. I ended up ordering Violet, but now I am wondering if I should have just ordered both and returned the one I was least thrilled with.

    Did I hear Python?!? Gasp!
  12. #12 Feb 16, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2010
    I personally think that if you're not super stoked about it, you should put that money towards something else that you would be happier with. I understand that being a limited edition item, makes it harder to part with. But in the end, why does LE even matter if you're not going to fully love and enjoy it?

    I've been spending time in the Money Talks thread, and it really gave me a good perspective of my finances and impulse spending. I'm really going to start putting more thought into my purchases. IMO, $500 is a lot to fork over on a bag that you're not convincingly happy with. For $500, you shouldn't have to try to make it "grow on you", KWIM?
  13. I think it has a very classic look in that color with the stitching colors. I would keep it for a week or so and try it on with some different outfits and see what you think. It was different than you were expecting so I would give it a chance. If you don't start feeling like you can't wait to use it, I would return it since Coach is always turning out something new and different.
  14. I think it is gorgeous! But then I adore that subtle, subdued color :smile:
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    Here are more pictures of the Bronze Emboidered Audrey:

    The last picture is the most accurate .

    The middle picture is what the bag looks like if there is no light shining on it. I think because of the pearlized leather, it looks different in certain light.

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