Embroidered Audrey Doesn't Come with Dust Bag?!!

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  1. I'm hoping for some insight from others who've already received their embroidered Audreys. Mine just came about 30 minutes ago and there's no dustbag to be found. I called cs expecting to be told that they'd send it right out and the woman I spoke to said this purse doesn't "come with the storage bag." I don't get it?! She said some bags just don't come with dust bags. I've never had this happen before.

    Sooooo....my question is, Did all of the other embroidered Audreys come with dust bags? I need to know whether to get really annoyed or not. ;)
  2. lol intresting for such a hot bag to "just not come with one"
  3. mine was in the bag, with all the paper!!!!
  4. my thoughts exactly. i've never heard of some bags just "not coming with one."

    has anyone else NOT received one with her audrey?
  5. I picked mine up today, dust bag included!!
  6. I would call back... Because all FP bags come with Dust Bags period... If for some reason it does not they can get you one..

    That does not make since, the only bags that do not have Dust Bags are the MFF...
  7. Hahaha! I even told the cs rep that I "had a friend" who had ordered the same bag and it came with the dust bag. She said that she can't verify that and that the system shows that this purse doesn't come with one. She was kind of rude.
  8. I definitely don't believe that. I would call back or call a local store and see if you can get one!
  9. same thing happened to me with my large gray sabrina, ordered it from store and had to have it shipped from JAX so when it came no dust bag. called and spoke with a rude rep that said it should've came with the bag and I'm like if it did I wouldn't have called and she said well THIS time only we have one in stock and will mail to you, but just this once. and I'm like, well maybe that was MY bag that the person putting it together forgot to put inside the bag!! I was so heated!!! The dust bag finally came in the mail and it was too small!!!! Needless to say I returned the bag, it was not worth it!
  10. EXACTLY!!! It's like they think I'm trying to scam them and get a dustbag for a counterfeit bag or something. Same thing as you, OBVIOUSLY, the person who packed the bag forgot to put the dust bag in the parcel/purse. Why is it such a big deal? I've got a nasty taste in my mouth right now. I sent an email. We'll see if I get a better response. I hate confrontations on the phone but I'll call back if I have to.....Ack....
  11. Call CS and ask to speak to a manager. That's BS. ALL full price bags come with dustbags to my knowledge. If you don't want to deal with CS then either call or go into your local botique and let them know your ordered a bag from JAX and it came sans a dustbag, they'll give you one.

    They've done this to me twice. They make you feel like you're a criminal leading a dustbag re-sale ring. Gimme a break.
  12. ok, called back and spoke to someone else who was COMPLETELY different. i got the cs that i usually get with Coach. She apologized and said she'd have one sent right out to me. :bagslap::bagslap::bagslap:Doh! That's what I should have been told in the first place. Blah blah blah. I'm done. ;) I would like to call the first chick back and tell her to forgo the pee on her cornflakes tomorrow morning.
  13. LMAO at the above cornflakes post ... awesome job getting one
  14. Ohhh....(rubs hands together and laughs maniacally)....good idea....... :rolleyes: I'm going to call back and say that none of my bags have come with dustbags.......

    I kid.

    I kid.
  15. Hahaha!!

    I can see you, sitting in a dark room, surrounded by dustbags...

    Sometimes, I swear! I'm glad you got it sorted out quickly!