embossing with the new vernis cosmetic pouch

  1. i just picked up my vernis cosmetic pouch in amarante and the cles in pomme.. while i was looking at the pouch i noticed that the embossing on the cosmetic pouch is very very light.. i love the pouch but i dont know if i should return or exchange it.. what if they no longer have the color? since this is a LE.. HELP!! :s
  2. The embossing is just the way it was made...the Vernis line varies in it's impressions because the design is stamped onto the material and they only have one chance to "get it right." They can't restamp over it, otherwise it may mess up the material and cause them to start all over again (and waste material).
    I personally wouldn't mind it, but if it really bothers you, I guess you should exchange it.
  3. Yesterday I went with my sister in law to pick hers up and she decided it was too light too and didn't purchase it.
    She likes really deep embossing.
  4. i really like deep embossing too, which is one of the reasons i didn't get the vernis cosmetic case (i got miroir instead).
  5. Thanks for starting this thread! I noticed it on the pomme case I bought and exchanged it. I like the deeper embossing!
  6. I would.
  7. I had to double check my Ludlow to see if mine was deep or not & it wasn't too light but it wasn't super deep either. Maybe I got a medium one? Anyways if you are not happy with it, I would go exchange it. If they are out of it, they always get new ones in or they could check another store for you :yes:
  8. There's a thread on this in the reference section. Hope it helps!!
  9. I just checked the reference thread & saw a thread with a really light embossed vernis with the other side deeper. If it's that light, it would bother me alot. :sad: