Emboss the Muse?

  1. Yes - it would make it personal

  2. No - it would ruin it

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  1. In a nutshell. I ordered both an XL Chocolate and Ivory Muse just to check them out IRL. If I fall in love with either - i'm thinking of sending it back and ordering an embossed one.

    At first I was anti-embossing - but several people have mentioned that they thought it made the bag more special.

    What do you ladies think? Should I have it embossed? Does anyone have a luxury handbag of any sort embossed - if so do you love it or regret it?


  2. I thinking of getting the Muse, and if I do I will get it embossed. I think like you said it makes it special, and I don't plan on selling it so it should be ok.
  3. I don't like it, not in the photos your posted anyway. It looks weird.
  4. I don't like it. It looks weird.
  5. I've seen embossment on other bags and it looked fine but, on the Muse I think it takes away some of the beauty, almost looks tacky, IMO. I'm not a big fan of embossment.
  6. Unless it's a luggage or a carry all, I wouldn't have any of my bags embossed. It looks tacky IMO.
  7. I had my chocolate embossed after a lot of thinking; I had it done on the back, which I think is better, I don't like it much on the front like in the pics, it seems too crowded to me what with the lock there...I'll try and post a pic of mine so you can compare the two.. Anyway, I'm not mad about the embossing. I don't mind mine 'cause it's very descrete, you can hardly notice it, I don't think I would have the one in the pics done...;) :biggrin:
  8. I think that's a perfect idea!....didn't know there was a choice?!
  9. I had mine embossed at the YSL store and the craftsman actually did it in front of me, so he asked me where I wanted it done and since I hadn't thought about it, he suggested the back, and in fact said that most people preferred it that way, because in the front there's already a lot of stuff (the lock, the YSL signature..) Having said this, I don't know if NM (is it NM ?) give you a choice...:wondering
  10. I say no because my initials are BS. Not very good, and you can't do three. I think three initials would be classier.
  11. No way, no way, no way for me... While I do like the bag, return or resale must always be an option...
  12. I love it! It definitely makes the bag your own - very chic and elegant.
  13. I saw on the NM site that was a free personalization offer with the Muse in white or chocolate for a limited time.
  14. That's why I asked.

    So has anyone see an embossed Muse IRL?
  15. I had my chocolate muse embossed, on the front. i love it. it's subtle and no one has noticed except when i point it out, which i like, it gives it a personal touch. i think it's very classy.