Embossing/Stamping on Exotics

  1. I know that some of the ladies here have had their initials embossed on their bags. Since if I end up getting one of the bags in the top priority list, I intend on keeping them forever, I feel that having my initials stamped on there will be a great way to personalize it ... However, I notice that there are several ways of embossing: heat stamp or the metallic stamp.

    In your opinion, if the leather in question is an exotic, do you think it'll look better as a tone-on-tone (heat) stamp or a metallic stamp? I'm leaning toward metallic because I'm concerned that if I do heat, it may get lost in the pattern of the exotic leather but I'm really not sure. Which do you think will look better? TIA.
  2. I say metallic! Looks nice IMO:yes: :yahoo: I would also be afraid to heat stamp.
  3. Kou, do you want it to show or is it just for your satisfaction knowing it's there? I've personally been hesitant about having my bags stamped because I know someday I would be passing my bags down to my daughter and she may not want initials showing when she carries the bag. If it's hidden somewhere else in the bag I suppose I wouldn't mind.
  4. i prefer heat-stamped, however my own personal style has always been on the more subdued side. just bear in mind, the more complicated the order, the less likely it will be accepted at the podium. additionally, having initials on the bag would decrease its chances for an easy resale - should you ever have to unload this luxury item for say emergency purposes (heaven forbide!) good luck.
  5. i've never embossed on my H bags. only on the lock.
  6. Unless you one day think that your initials will make the bag a collector's item (j/k.....), like HRH (Her Royal Highness...) :roflmfao:

    I know you intend to keep your bags forever, Kou, but I'm on the side of no initials -- you never, ever know when you might need to resell one. I don't know how true this is, but I've heard that Hermes can do something about the heat-stamp initials, but probably cannot do anything about metallic.:shrugs: