Embossed Studded Alexandra in Petrol?

  1. Does anyone already have this bag? Only the flagship store has it and I'm not ready to go up to Boca this week. Is it the same smooth leather as the gold one or is more like a suede?? I don't like the gold one at all, but if the petrol is more like a suedey nubuck then I'll probably pass all together.

    If anyone has any pics I'd be grateful! :smile:
  2. LOL I'm going to the Town Center tomorrow! I'll see if I can get some pics of it. I'm not feeling the suede-ish Alexandras either. Petrol in leather sounds interesting...
  3. I just returned this bag today because it is suede.
  4. ^^ Yes that's the petrol.
  5. Yes, it is suede. :yes: It has a low nap like nubuck, very soft.
  6. Ok that looks like teal suede not like what I would call petrol at all. The SA's at Coral Square were trying to get me to order it, and I just had a feeling it wasn't gonna be what I want. I've sworn off of suede all together.

    I'm also not loving the gold version of this bag either. I can't believe they are making such a pretty bag in such oddball colors.
  7. Did they have gunmetal @ Coral Square?
  8. If the gunmetal is the gold version....yep. It's like a bronzy gold
  9. I saw it yesterday at the boutique and drooled a little. It is so beautiful. The color name petrol doesn't make sense to me either.
  10. It's a beautiful bag. I love the color. I was just too worried about it being suede.
  11. This bag would have been so pretty in a gunmetal grey in reg leather....why would they make this (IMO) horrible blue-y color??
  12. The do have the regular Alexandra in gunmetal but it's a little plain for me. They need to emboss & stud it!!!
  13. Well there is a studded one, but it's not metallic.
  14. Wait..there's a studded one that's not the heinous blue/grey nubuck and not the bronze-y gold???