Embossed Python Maggie~Anyone have??

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  1. The outlet has 1 Embossed Python Maggie and wondering if anyone has it and how they like it? It's $251 there.. Is that a good price? I have it on hold until tomorrow to decode! Please help!!

  2. I have the metallic version from the summer and I LOVE IT!!!! I think that's a great price!
  3. Do you have any pictures of you wearing it? I just hope it's not too no for me.. I don't really carry much in my purse, so don't like any that are real big.
  4. I'm not a maggie style fan but that python print is stunning!!! And the price is good, that makes it 40/30. If you like the maggies I'll say go for it
  5. I've never tried the Maggie.. I do love the style of it, I just hope it's not really big! Thanks.. I might pick this up tonight or tomorrow! I'll post pics if I do!
  6. Not the greatest pic, but here you go. I'm exactly five feet tall.

  7. Thanks for the pic! It looks great on you and I love that bag! I still don't know what to do. It does look a littler larger than I like to carry, but I really like it. Maybe I'll go see it and try it and then I'll know!
  8. As far as Coach goes, this is one of the smaller bags LOL (except for the little crossbodys, etc). Yeah you should try it on. I had intially ordered mine in the Abigail - that was HUGE so I exchanged it for Maggie. Let us know if you get it.
  9. You're right.. There are some huge bags! I only have 2 Carly's and 2 of the Pleated Ergo Hobos and they are perfect size for me! I guess I can go a bit bigger because this is a beautiful bag and I hate to miss out!
  10. And if you don't stuff all the compartments full it lays flatter and looks so much smaller - it's puffing up the compartments that make it look so much bigger. Good luck! Your ergos are so cute BTW!
  11. Well that works because I don't carry much! And thanks I love my Ergos! I used to have 6 Carly's but sold all but 2.. It was too many of the same bag I think and I'd like to start gettin some different styles, but I'm more a fan of the older styles. Notably of the new ones have caught my eye lately and may e because they are so big.
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    I just purchased the Maggie python from Belk. It was on sale and I had a coupon which made it 180.00. I found a matching wallet on ebay. I love the Maggie style. The python print is eye catching. Do you think the python print is classic? Will it stay in style?

    Crissy, I'm only 5' 2". The bag looks great on you. I'm so excited. The only other Coach purses that I have are the Coach large Ashley from the outlet, and a brown signature hamptons style that I purchased used. This will be my first new Coach that is not from the outlet. I also have a leather Ashley wristlet. I have nothing against the outlet. I love going there. I just got lucky finding the Maggie python at Belk.
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  14. this is not the python leather bag, this is the fabric style with the python print.
  15. I knew that mine was fabric. I like the fabric style. It is lighter. I didn't notice that the original post was for the leather style. I'm new to Coach.