Embossed Prada logo?

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  1. Does Prada do embossed logos on their leather bags? Without tags, just embossing the word Prada directly onto the leather itself? And if they do that, do they also emboss "Milano" and the the little banner/crest thing underneath? Or is it just "PRADA" that is embossed? I saw a few "vintage" Prada purses on eBay that were claimed to be authentic, and I like the understated look of how the logo is embossed versus the triangle tag, but wasn't sure whether or not Prada actually did this on their bags.

  2. Prada does both.. Some has Prada + Milano and the banner - other bags has the triangle tag..
  3. So does an embossed PRADA alone without the "Milano" and the banner mean that it's probably a fake?
  4. This is the exact question I came looking for, but I could use a lot more answer. I have a blue leather Prada (not documented) and it has the Prada logo embossed on the front right corner. That is all it says: PRADA. I have a second Prada that I suspect is vintage. It is brown could-this-be-leather saddelbag style with a snap closure on the bottom and a buckle closure on the front. It has a round Prada Milano and a crest/banner of some sort. Can you shed any light on either of them?
  5. Several years ago, Prada did some leather bags that just had the "Prada" embossed in the leather (no milano). I remember seeing it on a black bag and a brown bag. The SA told me that it was for those didn't want a "screaming" logo.
  6. Prada is very inconsistent. I've seen only PRADA embossed into the leather (mostly on vintage bags) and PRADA plus logo and banner embossed on newer designs.