embossed patent - opinions?


Jan 1, 2007
So I'm sitting on a credit note from ysl after I returned a white muse earlier in the year (decided white would quickly turn to a stained mess in my hands!)

I'd considered O/S for a while but decided finally at 5ft3 it looks silly on me for an everyday bag, it works on some petite women IMO but just not me!!

So I've narrowed it down to a large black in either plain patent or embossed patent.

I just wanted to get people's opinions on the embossed patent, are you a fan:tup: or not?! :tdown:

Also btw is there a 'hall of shame' type thread for YSL fakes? I'm seeing some shockers on ebay right now and just want to post them to vent some anger!! :cursing:
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Sep 9, 2007
New York
i think both the patent and embossed croc are great! I love my black medium embossed tribute so much, I am now waiting on a large plain patent tribute. If I get another bag it will be embossed croc large downtown. good idea about showing bags from movies and commercials!

amelia kelly

Sep 22, 2007
i love all of plain patent, embossed croc and quilted croc...i have a black o/s patent muse in black and a large quilted croc trubite...and i love embossed downtown too...good luck!!!


May 27, 2006
This is a tough decision as the both are gorgeous! Does one jump out at you more than another? Let us know what you decide as you can't go wrong with either :tup:.
Jan 10, 2007
Just popped into the YSL boutique at South Coast yesterday and had a ball trying their bags on. IMO, quilted is more YSL trademark than embossed. Coupled with shiny patent the embossed bag looks cheap :crybaby:. The raspail embossed patent looks like a fun casual haul-around tote though. Good luck!


Jan 1, 2007
I'm back from YSL!! So many gorgeous muses on display esp. the exotic skins.

Thanks SO much for all your input. I decided to go with the embossed patent in the end. I spent ages deciding. I have to say the SAs in YSL Bond street are amazing, friendly with lots of advice.

The bag is gorgeous and I know finally I've made the right decision because I can't stop staring at it! :yahoo:

I've always loved the O/S shape but it really was too big for me as an everyday bag but I think the embossed pattern adds some character which suits the large size. :yes:

Also a few points for anyone deciding between the two:

- The embossed patent is lambs leather rather than the usual buffalo and is more lightweight b/c of this

- Embossed patent is much shinier than the plain patent. I think this will make it more prone to fingerprints but it does mean it stands out a lot!

It's really funny having tried on the O/S so many times this past couple of days the Large seemed so small but it does look better on my frame.

I do think when I save enough I'm going to get an O/S muse for travel and those rare days when I need a huge bag and would probably get a plain black patent or chocolate brown then...I feel myself getting addicted to these bags! :nuts:

I will post pics soon!!