Embossed Op Art Rosegold Cricket Pilot

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  1. Hi Everyone! I bought an Embossed Op Art Rosegold Cricket pilot last night in Seattle. I wanted to share and get your thoughts and opinions. I think I want to keep her!;)
    Whistler 018.jpg Whistler 020.jpg Whistler 022.jpg Whistler 011.jpg Whistler 037.jpg
  2. One more pic with my cute new sunglasses inside. :heart:
    Whistler 041.jpg
  3. Soooo pretty! :drool: How much was she?

  4. Thank you, Patchworkcat!! She was $398 which is very reasonable for Coach leather.
  5. That is so pretty! You should keep it; it looks great! Did they have other bags in this pilot line? And other colors? TIA!
  6. That's really cute!! Congrats!!! What are the dimensions of this one?? Also, I LOOOOVE that wallet!!!
  7. I love that wallet too; is that the Madison silver?
  8. That is very reasonable, it looks very pricey!
  9. There is a larger more sqaurish one than mine which looks a little bit more like a tote...it's very cute! There's only one color of embossed leather Cricket in my local boutique now (rose), and the other bags are signature (more like the older style c's) with two tone leather and fabric. All the bags have the same silver hardware and turnlocks.

    I really like those bags too and I'm not always a signature lover. Those ones are gray leather piping with grey/white signature fabric. And the other color is a khaki leather with tan/cream signature. The colors are nothing like other bags they've released before. I hope the gray ones go mainstream!
  10. Wow that is super cute! The leather look so soft. :yes:

  11. Wow, that's really pretty and a reasonable price indeed!

  12. Thank you Baglady! The dimensions are 13.5x9 by 5.5 deep. The top opening is 11 inches wide. Perfect for me because I don't really keep much in my purse beyond a wallet, cell, sunnies, keys and a wristlet for lipgloss.
  13. Yes, it is Madison silver. I saw the Sabrina in silver yesterday, too, and it's a stunning bag. I already have a Sabrina in steel so I didn't go with another one. I loved the wallet though, and it matches nicely with the bag.:tup:
  14. WOW! that's a cool bag! I think you should keep it! it's definitely a head turner and a conversation peice
  15. Thank you Greenpixie...she is SUPER soft!