Embossed Leather Satchel

  1. Someone remarked about this bag no longer appearing on coach.com. I have to believe it's headed to the outlets. Nordies had their embossed leather satchels on the clearance table today. I believe they were marked down to $284. It was a great deal but I already have the bordeaux one.
  2. If only it'd rest comfortably under my arm!! I love embossed leather!!
  3. Yes, I'd love to hear if anyone else knows more about these...can an SA tell us if this style has been deleted and is off to the outlets? Did Nordie's have a lot of them or just a few?
  4. The Nordies at NorthEast Mall had one bordeaux, and probably about 2-3 of the brown and black each this afternoon.

    They also had one of the hobo (slim with a buckle in the front) in brown that I held for a bit but set down and when I came back it was gone....
  5. yup they are deleted and heading STRAIGHT to the outlets
  6. saw the bordeaux today at the outlet i work at...sold out in 8 minutes, along with the studded gallery totes!
  7. The bordeaux is all gone at JAX but they still havet the mahogany and the parchment...I sure hope I see one there!
  8. AWW studded gallery totes! Which outlet do you work at? I'm contemplating making a trip just for COACH but each are about 30-1hr away min and I'm not sure if it's still worth it...
  9. My outlet is 3 1/2 hrs. away and I'll make a trip in a day if I am looking for something I know I want and is there...like the legacy! That's not too far...go for it!:p