embossed leather carryalls at outlets

  1. embossed leather carryalls have now hit the outlets in parchment and mahogany colors. they dont have the satchels which according to JAX have been sold out before they could make it to the outlets. the carryalls are priced at $264 after the 20% off from a retail price of $428 so anyone interested must check it out
  2. Does anyone have the style numbers for the embossed leather satchel and carryall? I've been looking at one of the styles but am not sure which is the one I wanted.

    Did you happen to see any of the coral red? I love that color!
    Thanks for the heads up! :heart:
  3. the red should be at some outlets too
  4. the embossed carryall is 11330 and i don't know the style number for the satchel.both the satchel and the carryall have been deleted from the website.
  5. I love the red. I'm might have to call around and get it for my mom.
  6. I saw some embossed red at the outlet yesterday. Also a black sig carryall, small for $149 plus 20% off! I saw some bleecker duffles as well.