Embossed Kooba Sienna - Yay or Nay??

  1. I've been looking through Kooba's line and saw the embossed Sienna. I thought it was overly busy and am not a big fan of it. But then I thought, maybe it is nice and I'm just missing something . . . after all, a designer wouldn't make a bag that everyone thought was fugly, right? What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

  2. I Love them. I think the flowered embossment adds a nice touch. I think I like the embossed best in Brown. But I don't think I'd trade my Army Metallic in for an embossed. It's the ultimate color for me. But somehow I don't think the embossed Koobas took off as much as they'd like. I feel they were trying to revive a dieing style. Purses go through trends and I think the Sienna Buzz is over but I think the style of the bag is endless (in my opinion). Some bags are destined to live on for eternity (like an LV Speedy). As much as I adore Koobas I don't think their bags have that longevity except for the owner who loves them.
  3. i'm not a huge fan of the kooba sienna, but i think the embossing adds a lot to the bag. defintiely a yay.
  4. The first time I saw it I was like, Oh heck no. The more I stared at it though the more I like it. The detail is very nice, looks good. Yay!
  5. It's a nay for me.
  6. Yay for me - just ordered it yesterday. If you do decide to buy it, order it from jc madison's website - it's on sale for $450.
  7. I say Yay! I really like the embossed Sienna better than the regular verison. If I was to purchas one, I would get it in the brown.
  8. Yay! I think it is stunning and adds great femininity to a very hip bag.
  9. Maybe I'm a little boring, but I don't like the embossed look.
  10. I say no. Mainly because I think this bag will be "over" soon. But if you love the bag, then go for it. If you want a "trendy" bag, I'd say no.
  11. Very nay for me, especially in person.
  12. I don't like it as much as the normal Siennas...but some people seem to love it... I prefer the scarlett anyway to be honest
  13. Nay for me, not my style...I have seen it in real life, but I love the details.
  14. yes
  15. I'm just commenting here because this post is from 2006 and I still have and cherish my flower embossed Sienna and I always get unsolicited compliments from it from perfect strangers. It is one of Kooba's best ever bags that they ever made.