embossed gucci script logo

  1. Hi all, this is my first post. I found this site a few weeks ago- great place! :yahoo:

    I ordered a gucci bag from bluefly and had not been expecting the script Gucci logo to be embossed, I thought it would be a plaque like prada has on some of their bags.

    Anyway, I was wondering if people have bags with it, and does it rub off over time? it just looks cheap and I'm thinking of returning the bag. :crybaby:

    Also, it doesn't look perfectly scripted, when I look closely at it it's like the gold is "colored out of the line"

    Has anyone noticed this? :wtf:
  2. PICS?Im not sure what yer talking about
  3. Sorry for being confusing. :shrugs:

    This is the same bag I got, but mine is in black, and not the same leather.

    I hope the link works:

  4. Hmm...I see what you mean. I don't have any of the Gucci bags with the embossed logo, but I can see that it might rub off over time.

    I don't think it looks cheap though...that bag is HOT!!! I LOVE the colour combos they have for this style and the chain strap...

    If it really bothers you though, I'd exchange it for a bag you LOVE. Or, if it's just the one you have that looks like it wasn't embossed quite properly, perhaps you can exchange for the same bag with no faults?

    Either way, good luck with your decision!!!
  5. thanks for the reply. I'll think about it over the weekend then decide.

    It is a cute bag, and I got a good deal on Bluefly, but the imperfection is annoying me.

    Me and my OCD, I'll probably return it :hysteric: