Embossed Gray Audrey versus Graphite Brynne

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  1. I really want a grey bag for fall. The grey gathered Sophia is TDF, but I already have three Sophias and the color is a little light for my taste.

    I scored a Embossed Gray Audrey yesterday at the outlet for 30% minus 20%, so it was about $320.

    they had no Brynnes. There is another outlet in the other direction. I can call today and find out if they have a graphite Brynne. It would probably be about the same price, IF they have one.

    The Audrey holds all of my stuff, but she seems really small to me. She's pretty, zippers on the outside and all. . .

    Should I continue my quest? In the end, I might just prefer the Audrey, if I give her a chance. Oh, decisions, decisions.
  2. I heard that the Brynnes are big mammas - so if you dont mind a large bag - I would say grab her ;)

  3. ITA. I really would love a Brynne but they didn't make it to my outlets. :shucks:
  4. I love love my audrey and brynne is sooo big but maybe get both but you couldn't pry audrey away from me lol :O)
  5. Well, the Audrey is pretty because she's embossed.

    I don't even know if Brynne is a possibility. But she has that tassel. That tassel!!!
  6. Here's my problem with Audrey. She makes me feel like one of those cute mall girls.

    I'm 45 and I recently lost 50 pounds. So, I like feeling like a cute mall girl, but it feels uncomfortable at the same time.

    I still have 30 pounds to lose and I'm relatively tall 5'8". Yesterday, I ran around the outlet mall in my old navy size 12 (yea, still big but better than size 20) jeans, a cute top from NY & Co and my zebra flats. This bag makes me feel like I'm either getting to my goal or I'm trying to be something I'm not.

    Sorry for the deep psychological vent here, but clothing decisions are becoming very personal these days. Thanks for listening.
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    CONGRATS on your weight loss!:smile: What a great accomplishment and inspiration. You are on your way to a healthier you. I think the Audrey croc embossed satchel is a classic bag and can be worn on anybody at anytime. You worked hard to get healthy and it's ok to let yourself enjoy the best things in life. Go for what make you smiles and carry it like a supermodel.

    NOTE: if you unhook the straps from the sides and let the longer strap hang down, it makes the bag look bigger.
  8. 50 pounds. THAT IS GREAT!:yahoo::yahoo::happydance: Congrats!!!!

    45 5'8" Rock your Audrey! Age is just a number. As long as your clothes are tasteful as granny used to put it, go for it!!

  9. Interesting Restore24. Do you have a pic of the strap that way? I like the Audrey but it just looks too small for me. My DH loved it on me but I wasn't convinced. Please post a pic. I could use another enabler in my life. LOL
  10. I have the Gray Croc Audrey too, and love her....I did add 2 fobs, one on the strap, and one with the handtags, so she is heavy and noisy. Doesn't bother me. I love the Audrey style myself.
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    I know what you mean!! Congrats on the weight loss BTW :tup:

    The croc Audrey is very pretty and she's gorgy on lots of women, but she's too fancy for my personal style and that would be the case no matter my size. I am a denim BUM on the weekends and business casual during the week, plus my size is often in flux so I don't invest in clothes only to have them fit too tightly or too loosely a month later. But even if I do shed the dozens more pounds I want to shed, my personal style remains about the same. I used to be skinny years ago, and I was still a semi-preppy casual comfort-first kinda girl.

    With that said, I'm stalking a graphite Brynne. I like a BIG bag and I prefer smooth leather to croc for myself, and I loooooooove tassels. Brynne is still a tad fancy for me, but I think can work with her. If only I can meet Miss Graphite Brynne IRL and confirm or refute this hunch! :graucho:

    I suggest not trying to "force" a bag to work if it's inherently not your style. Coach has a bag for every taste out there, so stay in tune with your style and select accordingly.

    ETA: On a side note, sometimes we don't initially realize how a significant weight loss (or gain) affects how others view us and treat us, and how we then view ourselves. We know about the health impact of weight gain or weight loss, but understanding the psychological impact is important too. It can be a big adjustment. Allow yourself to adjust to your weight loss style-wise, take a few more fashion chances than you would have in the past, but don't force anything. It won't come off right unless you're comfortable. Good luck!
  12. cosmogrrl, first I want to congratulate you on your weight loss! Good for you!
    I think that if you are at any point uncomfortable with a bag you should exchange her for a bag you are comfortable with and you walk with confidence carry your new bag.

    I happen to like big bags so the Brynne is right up my alley. I am trying to get a raisin one in my outlet. I say go for the Brynne, she is big but beautiful and not a lot of people will have Brynne so you will be the envy of a lot of ladies. Brynne is the way to go!
  13. Well, regardless of my size, I am inherently a more formally-dressed person. I am a lawyer by day, so either the Brynne or the Audrey would have a place in my world.

    My weekend knock around bag is the MFF graphite Zoe. I returned a ton of poppy because it's just not me. I have always been a solar nails, perfect pedi, highlighted hair, full makeup kinda gal.

    Sometimes I wish I were more casual. I live in the South, so I'm the kinda girl who wears jeans with heels, KWIM?

    Re: the weight loss. To be totally honest, I had surgery. Contrary to popular thought, it is not the easy way out (and even it were, so what?). It has been a really great thing and I'm actually proud of it, but it messes with your head a little. I buy very few clothes now and LOTS of jewelry and bags. Shoes are even iffy because my feet keep getting smaller!!!

    I'm gonna call the outlet and see if they even have this mythical bag!!!!
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    I attached pics for reference. Hope this helps enable you :biggrin:
    1st pic is with shoulder strap attached to both strap and bag. more boxy look
    2nd pic is with only the shoulder strap attached. relaxed look
    3rd pic is with only shoulder strap attached and bag expanded out. more space
    4th pic is with only shoulder strap attached and not connect to bag loop

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  15. Hmmmm Maybe I just needed strap lessons!