Embossed Butterfly

  1. I love butterflies, and when I saw this I had to have it. I went to the boutique and purchased it to go with my chocolate bleecker small hobo. Well, my MIL saw it and she loves butterlfies too. She asked where I bought it because she wanted one too. I told her it was Coach and she was like Oh, I can't spend that much on a key chain. I told her sometimes you just have to buy yourself something nice and I gave her mine. She would not use it for about 1 week, it was too funny, she was afraid of ruining it. Well, I found another one on eBay NWT so I just bought it for $19.99 + $4 something for shipping. The seller has one more left, I posted the link in the eBay deals thread. I am so excited, I did not even have a chance to use the last one :biggrin:

  2. That was so nice of you to give your first one to your MIL. And even better that you found another one for yourself for such a great deal!
  3. Awww, that was so kind of you! I'm glad you got another one for yourself!
  4. What a sweet thing to do! :shame:
  5. Yeah I felt good until she raised our rent that night :biggrin: But generally we get along quite well. I have wanted to buy her a bag, but none of the new stuff is her style. She wants one of the old leather backpacks, so I have been watching for a nice one.
  6. congrats on finding such a great deal!
    and that was really sweet of you to do that.
  7. You sound like a great daughter-in-law! :angel:
  8. Haha I try to be, but raising the rent was not good. I told her I will just give her a portion of my check every week since I get paid weekly, but there goes all of the pretty bags I want :sad:
  9. That was sweet of you to give your mil your butterfly! I am glad you found another one for yourself.
  10. Very sweet of you and I'm glad you found one for yourself! I love the patent and the color of this!!
  11. very cute I like it!
  12. How sweet of you! I've had that butterfly on my wishlist and I might have to finally break down and get it pretty soon. I think the hardware on it will look great on my Ali's.
  13. The seller had one more, I posted the link in the ebay deals thread.
  14. That was really nice of you to give it to her. Glad you were able to get another one for yourself. It will look great on your Choc. bag.
  15. That was very nice of you! I have one too, and have it waiting to be used with my Heritage Stripe tote in chocolate - the red detail color on the bag matches the butterfly perfectly! I'm glad you were able to replace it with such a great deal, too.