Embossed "B" bag

  1. Has someone started a thread on this yet? I did not see one. This is absolutely gorgeous, but I know nothing about it. It looks a little reminiscent of the Shrug. Can someone tell me price, dimensions and color availability please? :nuts:
    Balenciaga Embossed B.jpg
  2. The bag is beautiful but I don't know anything about it! Hopefully someone here will have some info!!!
  3. Oh wow! This is quite adorable!!!
  4. that bag is really cool!
    i'd love to learn more about other colors, prices, dimensions, etc. of it too...
  5. I saw a mini collection of this bag at the Bal NY trunk show. I believe they had samples of them in Ocean and Violet (can't really recall as they were extremely overshadowed by the motorcycle line). They come in various sizes and the leather is very thick.

  6. realli special....the lil purse is cute!
  7. I like it too and want to know more about the bags - sizes, colors, cost. ICB, thanks for your pics; other lines do get overshadowed by the motorcycle bags. Does anyone else have any information?