embosse stephen or mizi vienna?

  1. ok, my birthday is coming up and my boyfriend told me that i could pick out any lv bag. i like the stephen i think its gorgeous but i absolutely love the mizi. i have been lusting over a mizi for months now and seem to always just miss an auction/sale. i dont know what to do, should i go for the stephen because its available and limited or should i wait and see if i can come accross my dream bag.
  2. I personally will wait for Mizi to come around..I am not big fan of stephen especially if I have to choose between the two. My friend has Vienna Mizi, it's just TDF!!!
  3. Wow both of those bags are stunning and $$$$$...nice bf...I love both..sorry I am no help...I drool over both of those bags and they are both so different and nice....
  4. What bag are you holding in that pic??
  5. Wait for the Mizi because it's your dream bag...and you have a very nice boyfriend!
  6. If you can wait then Mizi Vienna:drool:
  7. Hmm. Depends. What color of the embossed stephen are you considering?
  8. I really think you should hold on to the Mizi! The Mizi is just to die for!
  9. Mizi Mizi Mizi!

    I love mine, it's a very resistant and gorgeous bag :yes:

  10. I would say a MIzi too!! You're soo lucky!! Your bf is so nice :smile:
  11. Maybe your (sweet) boyfriend can get you the Stephen first, since it's available now. Save up for the Mizi (or get him to get that for u too :devil: ) and get that when the next one comes up...whichever bag will be lovely I'm sure (tho I loveeeee the Mizi to bits) so show us pics when u get it!
  12. Both are nice bags, I guess i'd have to say this one just because its different, and big.
    embossed Stephen.jpg
  13. Mizi :yes:
  14. Mizi Vienna most def :girlsigh:
  15. get the mizi then you will plenty of time to get the embossed one