Embellished handbags?

  1. So, I have seen a few pix of what look like embellished handbags in the HP window.

    Can anyone tell me how much these cost or how one would get one, espc a Bolide or Plume?

  2. Don't have any info but I love your bag.
  3. Thanks!
  4. I don't think they're for sale.
  5. These bags are created especially for the store windows and are considered museum pieces. They don't sell them. :sad:
  6. except to Lilach!!
  7. and i think it's very cruel, by the way. isn't it enough that -- unlike most other stores on the planet -- you can't just walk into hermes and walk out with what you want? no, they have to take it further and put things in the window that you can't buy at all . . . .

  8. That's true! I remember that she was able to special order the white Bolide with the flower!

    I'm in love with one of these gold plumes with the horse embroidery. It's from the FSH windows 2 weeks ago.

  9. That is nasTY.
  10. Yeah, I remember that. They told her "no" numerous times before, I think, her manager finally wore them down? It was a rare exception.
    You're right - it is cruel!! :crybaby: :crybaby: :yes:
  11. Oh myyyy :drool: Those are stunning... lucky Lilach!
  12. Our Lilach was a bit of an Hermes VIP, I believe.
  13. Where has she been lately though.. she hasn't posted for so long