Embellished Bags

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  1. Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and wanted to know if you've ever heard of MooRoo and Lauren Scherr handbags. Opinions, please...
  2. Hi and Welcome! :welcome:

    I've never heard of them. Do you have a link/pics?
  3. Never heard of them.. welcome to the forum :smile:
  4. Welcome, Sparklegirl! Moo Roo is one of my favorites. I bought my first one at Mary Norton's Charleston shop 2-3 years ago, and since then have bought several more, mostly gifts for relatives. Her style has changed some from the original flowers/silk bag she started making. I think they are beautifully made, basically handmade, and work well for dressy occasions. I've had so many compliments on them. Right now I have 4. eBay sometimes has some nice deals on them--I've bought 2 there. I've seen a few in Saks. Their online site is MOO ROO Designer Handbags Clutches Totes Shoulder Minaudier Evening Bags.
  5. Wow! Just checked out their site! Great, great bags!!
  6. Wow! :nuts:

    Lots of gorgeous bags - love them! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. :nuts: Very pretty!!!
  8. I love the Moo Roo with the feathers. They are awesome!!